Re: BE12 references?

Bill Shatzer (
Tue, 24 Oct 1995 00:34:40 -0700

>On 22 Oct 95 at 12:47, Wallace, Jim typed diligently:
>> I've had an idea for a diorama of an event that T.E. Lawrence
>> describes in 'The Seven Pillars of Wisdom.' He said involved a BE12,
>> but I can find very little on this plane. Jane's mentions it, but
>> says (in 1918) that they can't print information on it due to national
>> security. Is it pretty much the same as the well documented BE2? Are
>> there any references available for it?
The only 'secret' about the BE12 in 1918 was how delightfully easy it
was for the Fokkers and Albatroses (Albatri? Albatrossi? Albatrosum?)
to shoot down! The BE12 was a _big_ step up from the BE2 series -
unfortunately it was about 18 months too late; still suffering from
an excess of stability, lack of power and an antiquated design.

They were basically 'Fokker fodder' and someone should have been court
martialled for allowing them to enter combat or even be produced.

A real 'dog' of a WW1 fighter - it might have had some value as
an observation aircraft or a light bomber but as a fighter, well,
it would have made a better door stop!


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