WWI modeling hobby in Japan

Hirohisa Ozaki (ozaki@miln.mei.co.jp)
Tue, 24 Oct 95 10:41:04 JST

Hello Joe and everybody.
Joe>Now, please tell us about the WWI modeling hobby in Japan!!!
OKay, I talk just this subject at now.

WWI modeling hobby is not major in Japan.
But the people who enjoying the hobby, very enthusiastically.
The hobby is "long saler" until now, and in future.
For example, some items that WINDSOCK DATA FILES and Eduard kits are sold out.
It is progress slow pace, but certain.
I remember, I found Revell's 1/72 MS-N in regular visit hobby shop. But I have
money a little. I think it will remain when next visit, but it sold out.

I live near Nagoya Airport, and a hundred beautiful solid models displays in
there. It is named "Choose a hundred famous aircrafts of Japan".
The models made by one person, old air enthusiast, takes a few years.
The collection has some great war aircrafts, Farman, Pup, etc, etc.

I am dissatisfied that Japanese kit maker, Hasegawa, Tamiya, and all does not
produce classical aircraft kits.
Hasegawa produced big scale Camel, SE5a, Fokker Dr.1. But it is not production
continuous, and it is skeleton model. I want *normal* plastic moulded kit.

The above is the overview of WWI modeling hobby in Japan.

Joe, I read article "about WWI and Japan" written by you and somebody.
I think you know about its more than me.
I can supplement about FarmanS at Tsingtao a few small things.
The next time, I wright it.

Later, Hiro.

--Hirohisa Ozaki