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John Snyder (
Mon, 23 Oct 1995 17:18:41 -0800

You may want to talk--electronically or otherwise--with those involved in
putting out The SubCommittee Report, the quarterly put out by The
SubCommittee (which began life as an IPMS SIG for those interested in
submarines). The report has evolved into what is now a pretty slick
publication on glossy paper with very good b/w photo reproduction. I'll
try to remember to bring in their address(es). I'm sure they can give a
good bit of info on production costs, runs, etc.

John Snyder

>>> Gerald P. McOsker <> 10/23/95 04:13pm >>>
Re: all of this angst about trying to get Kalmbach interested in putting out
a WWI special-

Could we do this ourselves? Could we keep it within some reasonable
I submit that we don't have the numbers to get a Kalmbach interested and
Dr. Rimell, bless his soul, is still a commercial effort interested in
parcelling out the goodies in a bi-monthly effort [ and littering the effort
lately with all of those post war Russian,Estonian, Polish examples]
Can we work it throughthe Web pages?

Gerry McOsker- Newport Rhode Island.

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