Re: ESCI Albatross D III

Gerald P. McOsker (
Mon, 23 Oct 1995 20:00:07 -0400

>On 22 Oct 95 at 20:42, LEONARD ENDY proclaimed an interest in tackling the
>ESCI 1:72 Albatross D3

I have done one and am working on another two of these. Rimell did a review
of this kit which is basically a knock off of the Revell kit back several
years ago in Windsock. I don't have the reference at hand but someone will.
Basically, as Herr Bittner points out the wing is off, the cabane struts
and the V-struts- the fuselage is also too narrow- in fact Dr. Rimmell
suggests the insertion of a 40mm [ now why do I think that this may be
off?] piece of plastic card into a cut made from the tailplane to just in
back of the cockpit. I've done it and it does look better. The other two
D-III's I'm working on are conversions using the Blue Rider Oeffag
Albatross conversion kit which is readily available from moost dealers at
around 9.00. ~Includes a vac fuselage metal engine, wheels prop- Very fine.
The best reaearch vessel for finishes I believe are the decals issued by
Americal for AH and German jastas. Each sheet comes with a booklet
explaining the markings . I also have been using "Strutz"- which are brass,
airfoil shaped strutting material, cut with a Dremel to shape- makes for a
very rigid support. Hope this helps.

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