Re: Test Flight SE5

Frank Reaume (
Mon, 23 Oct 1995 14:52:05 -0400

>Just to let you know that the bare bones SE5 pictured on the WWI Web Site has
>been successfully test flown sans paint (it's an electric so painting and
>detailing can be done after flying).
>Some details: the model is a 1/6 scale SE5 powered by an Astro Flight Cobalt 40
>geared swinging a 14-6 prop at 7,000 rpm on 18 Sanyo SCRC 1700 cells. Current
>weight is 8 lbs and duration seems to be about 5 minutes at the moment.

Congrats, Guy.

Did you ever come across a good source for a ready-made 1/6 WW1 pilot
figure yet? I detest scale aircraft that are flown pilotless. Any plans to
test out other props, i.e. 13-10 or 12-9 to see what gives?