Blue Max Event

Guy Fawcett (
Mon, 23 Oct 1995 12:13:23 -0600 (MDT)

In Pursuit of the

Foreign Legionnaires of the Air

Knights of the Sky

We need YOU, your AEROPLANES
and your SKILL

Join us on the field of battle

August 16th,17th and 18th, 1996

Form a squadron, form a flight or come as a lone
wolf, but come, to the first annual Edmonton
WWI Rally . We need the Royal Flying Corps, the
Royal Naval Air Service, the Imperial German Air
Service the French Aviation Militare the Italian Air
Service and any other participating airforce in the
first great air war. Your aircraft only have to
meet one requirement, it must be a scale model
of a full size man carrying aircraft that saw some
service with one of the warring parties engaged in
fighting WWI during the period 1914 to 1918.
For those that want to compete there will be four
events 1) Manufacturer's Competition, 2) Pilot's
Test, 3) Ground Support Mission and the 4) Duel
of Eagles and the modeler who proves himself the
most worthy of our praise will be declared a
Flying Ace and awarded the Pour le Merite. In
addition anyone who has an interest and a
suitable aeroplane there will also be a flight line
for those who just want to bring out their WWI
aircraft and show them off.
The Blue Max Rally is designed to be a gathering
of people interested in WWI aeroplanes and be
everything to all of them., a place to talk, to look,
to fly and to compete if desired. The competition
portion of the rally will be composed of four

1) Manufacturer's Competition,
This is a static judging event restricted to
the Builder of the Model. All judging will
be performed with the model located in
the center of a 10' circle and the scored
out of 60 points. Once placed in the
centre of the circle no will touch the
plane until judging is complete. After
judging is complete each aircraft must
preform one demonstration flight will be
required to prove product viability and be
eligible for the award. The event will be
held on the 16th in conjunction with a
WWI plastic modeler's event. The
location are the grounds of Ray
Kretchmar's acreage south of Stony Plain.
WWI pilots not competing are
encouraged to bring the aircraft out for
people to Ooo and Aahh over.

2) Pilot's Test,
This event is a made up of judged flight
routines. Flight scores are out of 60 and
consist 9 maneuvers and a realism in
flight option scored out of 6. No
mandatory maneuvers are required each
option is at the discretion of the pilot but
no duplicates are allowed in one routine.
A minimum of three flights will be flown
at the event and all scores totalled
(missing a flight will mean a substantial
loss of points).

3) Ground Support Mission and the
A fun test of flying skills. This event is
designed to simulate a typical WWI
mission being composed of a take-off, a
bomb run on a transportation cross
roads, a simulated attack against 5
observation balloons (tethered at a height
of 10' by balsa sticks) and a simulated
emergency landing in a small field after
receiving ground fire.

4) Duel of Eagles.
The art of simulation. An event to test
the creativity of modelers. This is a team
event for determining the best aerial
dogfight simulation. Teams will be made
up of two or more pilots. All pilots not
participating in the Duel being fought will
watch every other fight and score the
performance on a scale of 1 to 6.
Scoring will include consideration for
special effects (visual and audio), realism
and originality.

The modeler who proves himself the most worthy
of our praise will be declared a Flying Ace and
awarded the Pour le Merite.

Also during the flying events we will also keep
one flight line open for sport flying and
demonstrations for any pilot who just want to fly
his WWI creation. All of the flying events will be
held at the Western Airspray Aerodrome near
Edmonton, Alberta on the 17th and 18th of
August 1996. Randy McLeod, of Planes, Trains
and Other Mobiles, who leases the field for R/C
pilot training has generously agreed to allow us to
hold this Rally here.

Tally Ho

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