Re: Rigging and Instrument Panels (Was Re: How about a WWI FSM Special)
Mon, 23 Oct 1995 13:12:22 -0400

In a message dated 95-10-23 11:19:00 EDT, Joseph R. Boeke wrote:

> would like to try steel wire, and I think I may have found a source for
>.004" diameter wire (that isn't coiled), but I will wait until I get a
>package and see (the source is Meteor Products). I also will probably try
>some "invisible" sewing thread or fishing line on one of my next projects (I
>haven't ever tried any of these materials so comments would be appreciated).

In the interest of economy, I would recommend technique I've occasionally
used. Buy a small roll of hardware store multi-strand steel picture hanging
wire. Cut an appropriate length and uncoil a strand. It will look like hell
and you'll think I'm nuts but bear with me.

Take 2 pair of pliers and firmly grip either end of the wire. Stretch slowly
and steadily until the wire breaks. It will always break at an end, for
reasons I won't go into here. You will be left with a length of straight
wire which is much stiffer then what you started with. This is due to what
techies call "work hardening". It will work with picture wire, which is in a
"soft" condition, but will not necessarily work with other wires which come
in a hardened state. A little picture wire costs practically nothing, while
anything you buy from Meteor Products will cost a bunch. I have nothing
against Meteor, but there are alternatives for those who are budget minded

I must admit that while I have rigged 1/72 models in this way, I prefer to
use invisible thread. Its less work then metal and I'm nothing if not lazy.