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23 Oct 1995 17:07:12 +0100

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>I am one of the lucky ones who get's his E-mail at work. In fact it can be a
>bright moment of the day. On more than one occasion when my workday is going
>completely to hell, the change of pace that I get from this list can turn the
>day around.

I definitely get less work done thanks to this list, and i don't have
email at home so i just have to answer everything before i go home :-)

>Now for my question, Has anyone ever used transparency sheets to create
>instrument faces. I have seen a few drawings of Instrument panels and it
>seemed to me that if you photocopied these onto transparency sheet you could
>create a similiar effect to the foils that you get with Eduard models.
>In fact you could even fotocopy the foils mounted on paper to create more
>for use on other models!

I've used quite a few different methods with decal instruments.
Usually i lay them behind thin acetate, paint the back of them white,
and cover with either a thin fabricated plastic console, a photoetch
console, or less successfully bezels directly on top of the acetate.
This last method reduces the depth of the instruments


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