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Mon, 23 Oct 1995 10:27:08 -0500

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Having got the Eduard catalog - as well as discussions with Eduard -
the following might be of interest.

A new series, called "Never Fighting Ladies" has pictured not only
the DFW Floh, but the PKZ 2 "helicopter" as well. Interesting.

Besides the release of the Floh - which is "next", although released
in the UK (correct?) - the next releases are: Fokker D.VI, Albatros
D.V, Sopwith Triplane, and 1/72nd Fokker D.VIII. Items of interest:
the Pfalz is still listed; a commisioned painting of a Fokker E.IV.

Besides the D.VIII - and even though it's in that "large" scale -
I'll have to pick up the Fokker D.VI.

Off color: A new company Barry mentioned was Wing Nut, Inc. Their
first release is an all resin Republic XP-72 in 1/72nd, with
ScaleMaster decals. It should be around the $30.00 range. (For
those not in the know - like I was - this is an "up-engined" P-47.)
Barry said it was "exquisite".

Tthhhhaaaatt''ssss aaaallll ffooolllkkksss...


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