Mon, 23 Oct 95 11:16 EDT

>Doug Faulder typed,
>BTW, I find that I often only have time on the weekend to check my E-
>mail, build models, etc. On the contrary everybody else seems to
>post messages here on week days during working hours:-) Do you not
>have to work?:-)

Ray replied,

I am one of the lucky ones who get's his E-mail at work. In fact it can be a
bright moment of the day. On more than one occasion when my workday is going
completely to hell, the change of pace that I get from this list can turn the
day around.

Now for my question, Has anyone ever used transparency sheets to create
instrument faces. I have seen a few drawings of Instrument panels and it
seemed to me that if you photocopied these onto transparency sheet you could
create a similiar effect to the foils that you get with Eduard models.
In fact you could even fotocopy the foils mounted on paper to create more
for use on other models!

Ray Boorman

<<this space left open for inspiration? Any inspiration will do! I'm not fussy>>