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Matt Bittner (
Mon, 23 Oct 1995 09:05:55 -0500

On 23 Oct 95 at 7:53, Guy Fawcett (403) 435-7214 typed diligently:

> Saturday's weather wasn't the best, I left the house with a mild hint of a
> breeze and by the time I arrived at the field a steady wind of 20 KPH was
> evident. Being the brave aviator (fool :-)) I ventured forth regardless. The
> SE5 had its tail up as soon as power was applied and at about half throttle
> lifted off smoothly after about 30' on the ground (all that time spent tuning
> the rigging was actually proving useful). Climbed for altitude and circled the
> field several times getting the feel of the airplane. Then feeling quite
> confident with the plane proceeded with a few aerobatics (what good's a fighter
> that can't sunt, eh). Nice loop, ragged slow roll (not normally performed in
> WWI), snap roll is so quick if you blink its does two rotations and a snap roll
> into a split S is really neat. The 4 minute timer goes of and in it comes for
> a smoothe touch the first one is always the best the next three were so-so, one
> even turned turtle (good thing the Lewis hasn't be mounted yet) :-).

Wow, this sounds neat. Too bad you can't get it on film, and then
transfer it to MPEG, or some other PC-type video. That would be
great, as well.


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