Test Flight SE5

Guy Fawcett (gfawcett@am.nofc.forestry.ca)
Mon, 23 Oct 1995 07:42:52 -0600 (MDT)

Hi Group

Just to let you know that the bare bones SE5 pictured on the WWI Web Site has
been successfully test flown sans paint (it's an electric so painting and
detailing can be done after flying).

The aircraft received four shake down flights this weekend two each on Saturday
and Sunday.
Saturday's weather wasn't the best, I left the house with a mild hint of a
breeze and by the time I arrived at the field a steady wind of 20 KPH was
evident. Being the brave aviator (fool :-)) I ventured forth regardless. The
SE5 had its tail up as soon as power was applied and at about half throttle
lifted off smoothly after about 30' on the ground (all that time spent tuning
the rigging was actually proving useful). Climbed for altitude and circled the
field several times getting the feel of the airplane. Then feeling quite
confident with the plane proceeded with a few aerobatics (what good's a fighter
that can't sunt, eh). Nice loop, ragged slow roll (not normally performed in
WWI), snap roll is so quick if you blink its does two rotations and a snap roll
into a split is really neat.