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Mon, 23 Oct 1995 09:18:47 -0400

On 20 Oct 95 at 14:55, Wallace, Jim typed diligently:

> What I'd like to hear about is everyone's rigging techniques and
> everyone's instrument panel techniques. (Off line of this topic.)

This is something I have been meaning to ask. I generally use the streched
sprue method, but I have been noticing that the quality of plastic (and
shape) has been going downhill lately (IMHO).

For one thing, the sprue trees are deviatingh more and more from "round" to
hex or octagonal shaped (i.e., when you cut it through the cross section
what is the sape). When you stretch it, it retains the shape of the
original sprue.

The nice thing about sprue, is that you don't have to worry about making
sure it is the perfect length, most slack can be removed by passing a heated
nail (or whatever heat source you choose) under the mounted rigging to
tighten it up.

On the other hand, the drawback is that you actually have to stretch some
part of the sprue first :( This leads me to my second complaint. I have
begun to wonder if the quality of the plastic being used (in newer styrene
models) is going down hill? Some of the sprues I have recently collected
just don't seem to stretch very well (breaking or stretching unevenly). I
don't think it is my technique (who ever does?), because when I rummage
around for a older piece, I usuually get better results. In particular, I
stretched a piece from an "old" Revell Dr.1 & and a new Revell Dr.1. Hands
down, I got better results from the old plastic -- is this just me?

I would like to try steel wire, and I think I may have found a source for
.004" diameter wire (that isn't coiled), but I will wait until I get a
package and see (the source is Meteor Products). I also will probably try
some "invisible" sewing thread or fishing line on one of my next projects (I
haven't ever tried any of these materials so comments would be appreciated).

Also, I seem to remember an article in an old FSM (which I don't have) on
rigging bi-planes. Anyone remember which issue?



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