Re: ESCI Albatross D III

Matt Bittner (
Mon, 23 Oct 1995 07:59:30 -0500

On 22 Oct 95 at 20:42, LEONARD ENDY typed diligently:

> Came across two of these today in a shop I visit infrequently. Any
> suggestions as to building it? I normally do my WWI planes in 1/48 but
> thought it would be a nice (I think!) to do a 1/72.

Egads. If you can, try and get another kit for your intro to 1/72nd.
Just as an example, and not to through you off, or anything, I know
of the following that is wrong with this kit: The sides need to be
flatter, the wings are a little underside, the tailplane should be
entirely scratchbuilt, the undercarriage struts need to be

Hope I haven't scared you off...;-)

If you don't care about "accuracy", then go for it.

> How about a suggestion for a colorful scheme for it?

Wow. There were so many. One of the most colorful ones would be to
convert it to an Oeffag D.III, and paint it the all-red that
Brumowski (sp?) flew. If you have the Richtofen Flying Circus book,
this has loads of good color schemes. You could also purchase the
Superscale sheet that has D.III's and D.V's on it (but research the
plane you want to build a little further) or Americal's Jasta 5
sheet. This should get you going.


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