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Mon, 23 Oct 1995 07:47:56 -0500

On 21 Oct 95 at 0:41, DR DOUGLAS G FAULDER typed diligently:

> I was trying to think of something different to do with regards to
> the Hobbycraft 1/32 Nieuport that I want to make, when I saw a
> catalog for Scale Link at a hobby shop here in Edmonton. Some of you
> may know of it but I had not as I never look at armor stuff. Most of
> there output is white metal soldiers, guns,army vehicles, etc but I
> found that they have an RFC pilot in their line as well so I ordered
> it. The good thing is that their stuff is 1/32, not 1/35, for some
> reason. I also ordered some folding chairs, a military issue bicycle,
> and a motorcycle with dispatch rider, all in 1/32 scale. Now I just
> have to build the Nieuport, and all these other things, then put it
> together in a diorama somehow! So far I have cleaned up the pilot
> and primed him. I found that the dental tool that I use for scribing
> panel lines worked well to deepen some grooves on the metal figure.
> There are a few little holes to fill with Milliput, but the quality
> overall is excellent, particularly the face. Painting him is going
> to be a challenge, but I'll get some of the figure masters in our
> IPMS chapter to give me a hand.

This sounds wonderful, if a bit big. ;-)

> Does anybody have any comments on the Hobbycraft Ni.17? The cowling
> looks to rounded to me. Has anybody used the 1/32 french interior
> from Toms Modelworks? How about the 1/32 Camel?. Is there a Windsock
> review on it? I would like to get a copy of it.

The best review was the "in depth" one provided by Rimmel, in
Windsock Vol 7 No 5. If no one else can copy it for you, I will;
however, I won't be able to get to it until sometime next week.
However, there is no such thing for the Camel.

There are two things I remember off hand with the Hobbycraft
Nieuport. The first is that the exhaust channel behind the cowling
on the underside of the fuselage doesn't exist. You'll have to make
one. The other is that since the underside is very "flat", the seam
doesn't stay together very well. The tip I've heard to overcome this
one, is to cement a piece of styrene across the gap, inside the
fuselage. That way when the model is handled, the effect of "pushing
on the seam" and opening it up is overcome.

When I first read your message, I was thinking that "I was trying to
think of something different to do with regards to the Hobbycraft
1/32 Nieuport that I want to make..." meant you wanted to convert it,
to one of the other Nieuports. That got me thinking that maybe you
had one of the elusive Tom's Modelworks conversions, which got me
thinking: does anybody know if this is still made? I believe it was
a Nie. 27 conversion.

> BTW, I find that I often only have time on the weekend to check my E-
> mail, build models, etc. On the contrary everybody else seems to
> post messages here on week days during working hours:-) Do you not
> have to work?:-)

Ohh...Yes, I do have to work, but I also get break times - which is
usually tied up with this list - or it gets so slow that this is the
only thing keeping me busy.

Good luck with the figure.


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