My First WWI Figure

Sat, 21 Oct 1995 00:41:50 EDT

I was trying to think of something different to do with regards to
the Hobbycraft 1/32 Nieuport that I want to make, when I saw a
catalog for Scale Link at a hobby shop here in Edmonton. Some of you
may know of it but I had not as I never look at armor stuff. Most of
there output is white metal soldiers, guns,army vehicles, etc but I
found that they have an RFC pilot in their line as well so I ordered
it. The good thing is that their stuff is 1/32, not 1/35, for some
reason. I also ordered some folding chairs, a military issue bicycle,
and a motorcycle with dispatch rider, all in 1/32 scale. Now I just
have to build the Nieuport, and all these other things, then put it
together in a diorama somehow! So far I have cleaned up the pilot
and primed him. I found that the dental tool that I use for scribing
panel lines worked well to deepen some grooves on the metal figure.
There are a few little holes to fill with Milliput, but the quality
overall is excellent, particularly the face. Painting him is going
to be a challenge, but I'll get some of the figure masters in our
IPMS chapter to give me a hand.

Does anybody have any comments on the Hobbycraft Ni.17? The cowling
looks to rounded to me. Has anybody used the 1/32 french interior
from Toms Modelworks? How about the 1/32 Camel?. Is there a Windsock
review on it? I would like to get a copy of it.

BTW, I find that I often only have time on the weekend to check my E-
mail, build models, etc. On the contrary everybody else seems to
post messages here on week days during working hours:-) Do you not
have to work?:-)

Cheers to all, Doug Faulder