Re: How about a WWI FSM Special(s)?
Fri, 20 Oct 95 18:35:26 PST

I just thought... I bought a Sopwith Baby from Mike Franklin
(oh, let's start talking about edible packing material
again) and I should build that up to submit for this
magazine-to-be. (photos; not a how-to article) Occurs to
me that I haven't seen one of the Babies in 1/48th built

It (the mag) really sounds like a good idea, and there seems
to be enough enthusiasm from members of this group to
provide material in abundance for it. Plus there are scads
of WWI modellers and scratch-builders who aren't on this

Is there anything else that I can do from this end to help
get the ball rolling? I can e-mail the Kalmbach people with
addresses. The next IPMS Seattle meeting will be in
November, but not sure due to the holiday. Normally it would
be on November 11... I can float the idea there also. Other?

---Stephen Tontoni (mourning for the Mariners) (at work) (at home)