Re: BE2e

Bob Pickwoad (
Fri, 20 Oct 1995 17:15:14 -0700

At 07:24 AM 10/20/95 -0500, wrote:
>On 18 Oct 95 at 21:24, Mark K. Nelson typed diligently:
>> >Although I don't have the Datafile here: this sounds like one of the
>> >"night fighting" machines. During Zeppelin and Gotha raids, there
>> >were a few planes "converted" for the night fighting role. One of
>> >these "conversions" included painting over the "white" (and maybe one
>> >of the other colors?) of the roundel and fin flash with either black,
>> >or PC-10, to tone down the colors, and make it "harder" to see than a
>> >"standard" machine.
>> Actually the white and red parts of all markings and the blue of the wing
>> roundels on the cover look normal. It is merely the blue on the tail flash
>> and the fuselage side that 'appear' to have been printed as purest black.
>I *knew* I shouldn't have said anything until I saw the Datafile.
>When I did pull it out, I gave a Homer Doh! and thought gads, how
>could I be so stupid? It appears to me just to be a printing error.
>Nothing more. My apologies.
>I believe you're correct, Matt. I find no reasonable explanation for the
color differences. Actually, I played hookey from work today and after a few
hours in Corel Photopaint, I now have a beautiful and, hopefully, correct
color picture of this particular plane.