Re: "figure scale" (25mm) vs. "model scale" (1/72)

Joseph R. Boeke (
Fri, 20 Oct 1995 17:13:56 -0400

At 04:01 PM 10/20/95 -0400, you wrote:


Thanks for the "clear" answer. Now I will be able to get those phot etched
brass parts for my 1/1200 ships :)

At any rate, I have another question for you, did this info come off a Web
page somewhere? I am interested in the following reference...

> 1/700 -- One manufacturer offers rules in this scale, to be used for the
> paper ship kits he produces. A large range of plastic ships are also
> available from several manufacturers in this scale.

I am currently working on a set of miniature rules to simulate aero-naval
combat in WWII, and I am using 1/700 scale planes and ships. I would love
to find out who manufactures these ships and rules.

At any rate, thanks fo rthe info, and for your offer of writing an article.
I have sent mail to Bob Hayden, and keep the list posted as to the
"progression" of the project.

On one quick aside, I am translating an article (in French) I got from
Michel Lefort on converting a SPAD XIII to a SPAD XII. I was thinking of
marking it up as an HTML document (along with the photos). Would you be
able to put that on your page? Or would it be better to sit on my account,
and you'd put a pointer to it?

One other thought I just had, is doing the "Modelling the Great War,
1914-1918" as a Web zine (if Kalmbach says no). Just a thought.



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