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Matt Bittner (meba@cso.com)
Fri, 20 Oct 1995 14:23:16 -0500

On 20 Oct 95 at 14:55, Wallace, Jim typed diligently:

> What I'd like to hear about is everyone's rigging techniques and
> everyone's instrument panel techniques. (Off line of this topic.)

I use .006" Brass wire (called "tubing") put out by a model railroad
maufacturer called Details West. Using a chemical found in the
model RR section - called Blacken It - I blacken the wire. Not
totally to scale - nor real world - but it works. I then use
drafting dividers to get the correct length of the area I want to
rig, and cut a piece of brass wire a little longer. Once I've tested
and fitted it correctly, I then adhere it with a "super glue".

I've also used Airnocker Things stainless steel wire (.004"), but it
came rolled, and nothing I did seemed to straighten it. So, until I
can get some "non-rolled" .004" stainless steel wire, I'll continue
to use this method.

As far as "instrument panels", most of the earlier planes I enjoy
didn't have any. One or two instruments placed here or there -
which easy to simulate using round sprue, an "instrument face"
decal, and a "Jolly Good Bezel" from Fotocut. Add a wire leading
from it to the "front of the plane", and you're good to go. For the
Albatros D.V I did, I used a plastic facing plate with the "correct"
holes drilled out for the guages, then put decals on a plastic
backing plate (either left white, or painted white) and sandwiched
the two together. However, the Fokker D.VII I did was easier: I
bought the Rosemont photoetch cockpit set and Viola! The only thing
I had to two was the backing plate and (if I would have had them)
instrument decals. For the hole in the facing plate, I drilled them
although this would be a great application for Waldron's Punch and
Die set - if I only had the money!

Which leads me to me own question: Does anybody know of a good
source for early instrument gauge decals? I've got a set from PP
Aeroparts. Although they're meant for "newer" stuff, some of the
decals can be used to fake it. Even though they're not humming...


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