Re: How about a WWI FSM Special(s)?
Fri, 20 Oct 95 08:58:59 PST

I like the idea of having a "Modelling the First World War"
or "Modelling the Great War 1914-18" or something like that.

What I can contribute would be in the way of pictures, etc.
I'm afraid that I am not a master builder, so I'm not real
comfortable with the idea of writing an article, doing a
scratch build, etc. I usually build out-of-box. I can submit
photos -- once I complete something. Right now I am in sort
of a dry period. I've been playing racquetball instead of
putting models together. Physical fitness? Really, I should
get my priorities straightened out.

Please let me know how this progresses and if I can
contribute anything, I will.

----Stephen Tontoni