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Matt Bittner (
Fri, 20 Oct 1995 11:15:57 -0500

For those who don't have any:

The hobby shop in Des Moines - Hobby Haven - currently has on its
shelves 8-10 Meikraft Pfalz D.III/IIIa's. If there is any interest,
I can have them pull them for me, and the next time I get there - or
if I don't get there in the forseeable future I'll have them mail
them to me - I'll purchase them and send them out to the wanting
individuals. I *think* they're going for around $13-15, so counting
P&P, expect to pay anywhere from $16-18. However, I do believe
these are the second releases, so they won't have the wonderful
decal sheets with them. (For those who don't know, when Meikraft
started re-releasing his kits, he either didn't include decals or
included enough for only one 'plane. If the kit had photoetch
(which the Pfalz didn't) he also didn't include this.)


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