Re: How about a WWI FSM Special(s)?

Matt Bittner (
Fri, 20 Oct 1995 11:08:14 -0500

On 20 Oct 95 at 11:37, Joseph R. Boeke typed diligently:

> I just picked up the "Modelling the Second World War" FSM Special (no flames
> please, my other modelling interest is waterline ships, and there are a
> couple of good articles in this issue ;~)

Shhh...I did the same, if nothing else for the article on Olive Drab
(is it just me, or should Kalmbach have included a color chip to use
with the other paints that weren't listed?).

> At any rate, I was thinking (again, it is a slow morning :-) why isn't there
> a 75th anniversary of WWI FSM special?

I was thinking the same thing.

> So, I was flipping through the magazine, and I see an advertisments from
> Kamblach Publishing (publisher of FSM) for "book length manuscripts" and
> proposals on all aspects of scale modeling.
> The light-bulb went off in my head... Isn't there enough WWI modelling
> talent on this list to put together a "Modelling the First World War"
> special? All other aspects aside, there are 16 "articles" in the WWII
> special (including two "galleries" -- one was a contest).
> Since I am just about to purchase the Revell 1/350 Emden, I would be happy
> to put together an article on building/super-detailing it (I was thinking of
> trying to sell that to FSM anyways). Obviously, most of the articles would
> be on aircraft, but could Matt be convinced to do a WWI tank subject (I am
> sure ;~) article?

Hey, count me in, especially if I can get some interior details for
the Renault Ft17. Heck, I *might* even be convinced to build my
Airfix MkIV male. (Although, in the Update section, Milicast is
marketing an A7V in 1/76th resin - for a whopping $29.50!! There is
also listed a resin 25mm (which is, I think, close to 1/76th /
1/72nd) Ft-17 by Fire Force Products out of England for $16.)

Whatever model I decide on, count me in for *at least* an armor

> The only stumbling block I see, is getting advertsiers. Since this would be
> a special "one time" deal, I would think that the adverstiers in WWI Aero &
> Windsock would be good candidates (Ray Rimmell doesn't seem to have a
> problem with advertisers).

If you can sell this to Kalmbach, then let them handle the

> I guess what I am asking, is, if I pitched this idea to Kamblach, would
> there be enough interest in this project for you to write an article, send
> in a picture (or three ;~), or even purchase the finished project?

Well, since (warning, plug coming up) Steve Hustad's models is both
in that issue and the latest Scale Modeler, you could probably count
him in for at least photo's.

And as far as purchasing goes, I know three other builders in my club
with enough of a passing interest in WW1 to buy this mag.

Hey, Joe, go for it. Talk to Kalmbach, and see what interest you
can get. Here's the email address for Bob Hayden, the editor: Email him, and see what he thinks.


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