How about a WWI FSM Special(s)?

Joseph R. Boeke (
Fri, 20 Oct 1995 11:37:37 -0400

I just picked up the "Modelling the Second World War" FSM Special (no flames
please, my other modelling interest is waterline ships, and there are a
couple of good articles in this issue ;~)

At any rate, I was thinking (again, it is a slow morning :-) why isn't there
a 75th anniversary of WWI FSM special?

So, I was flipping through the magazine, and I see an advertisments from
Kamblach Publishing (publisher of FSM) for "book length manuscripts" and
proposals on all aspects of scale modeling.

The light-bulb went off in my head... Isn't there enough WWI modelling
talent on this list to put together a "Modelling the First World War"
special? All other aspects aside, there are 16 "articles" in the WWII
special (including two "galleries" -- one was a contest).

Since I am just about to purchase the Revell 1/350 Emden, I would be happy
to put together an article on building/super-detailing it (I was thinking of
trying to sell that to FSM anyways). Obviously, most of the articles would
be on aircraft, but could Matt be convinced to do a WWI tank subject (I am
sure ;~) article?

The only stumbling block I see, is getting advertsiers. Since this would be
a special "one time" deal, I would think that the adverstiers in WWI Aero &
Windsock would be good candidates (Ray Rimmell doesn't seem to have a
problem with advertisers).

I guess what I am asking, is, if I pitched this idea to Kamblach, would
there be enough interest in this project for you to write an article, send
in a picture (or three ;~), or even purchase the finished project?



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