IPMS Region 2 Convention

Joseph R. Boeke (boeke@bucknell.edu)
Fri, 20 Oct 1995 11:37:32 -0400

Well, I am off on Saturday to the IPMS Region 2 Conference (no entries, just
visiting this time) in Wilkes-Barre, PA. I'll make a WWI report when I get

I suspect that it will be dominated by 50th Anniversary WWII subjects (it is
called "45 Con"), but I was wondering if anyone on the list will be there?
I am going to take my 2-year old and check things out, it would be nice to
put a face with an e-mail address.

At any rate, I know Barry from Rosemont will be there, so if you have any
questions (that Matt hasn't answered) please let me know.

I also was thinking that we should have a space on the Web page (with Alan's
permission) for a want/trade list. With some of the new HTML features, this
could be a "form" that you fill out (so Alan won't have to maintain it).

My thought was, if I ran across something that someone else wanted (and it
was within a certain price range), that I could pick it up for them. I am
sure there are things locally avialable here, that aren't in Kansas or
Illinois, etc... that way we could maximize our chances of getting OOP books
and kits.

So how does that sound? As for the "mechanics" of such a database, I know
there is a similar WWW database for miniature wargamers (maybe Alan has
already seen this?), so it might not be too difficult to steal the code and
import it to the WWW page?

Thinking out loud on a Friday morning...

- Joe

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