Re: New R/C Models

Douglas R. Jones (
Fri, 20 Oct 1995 09:08:42 -0500

> My, oh my, oh my! Blease axcuse tha speling, but I'm drooling one
>the keyboard, and my fingers are slipping. 80)

I was having some of the same problem!

>Can't wait to see them!

The Pfaltz is quite stunning! And the bare bones SPAD, well it is very very
nice. In private email someone remarked that this may be the shot in the arm
WWI R/C modeling needs. I just wish they would do more 1/6 or even 1/5
models and forget the 1/4 stuff!

> Do you know who is manufacturing the kits or who designed them?

Oops! Sorry. They are designed in England by Jim Dudgeon. Unfortunately
that's all I know at the moment. I believe Bill has asked Allan to add him
to the mail list.

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