Re: New R/C Models

Jon (
Fri, 20 Oct 1995 03:00:05 GMT

On Thu, 19 Oct 1995 14:42:50 -0500, Doug wrote:

>There is a new provider of 1/6 and 1/4 scale models of WWI aircraft that I
>have heard about recently (thanks Frank!). They are offering the following
>models currently:
> 1/6 scale LVG C6, 85 inch wing
> 1/6 scale Pfalz DIII/DIIIa 61" Span
> 1/6 scale SPAD XIII 53" span
> 1/4 scale SPAD XIII 79" span
> Each kit contains
> Plans and Builder Booklet
> All Ribs and formers machine cut
> necessary sheet and strip
> Prebent wire
> Rigging points and 10ba bolts

My, oh my, oh my! Blease axcuse tha speling, but I'm drooling one
the keyboard, and my fingers are slipping. 80)

>. Allan may be posting these pictures to the
>web page. If he doesn't contact me as I have them in bmp and jpeg formats.

Can't wait to see them!
>Bill Heptig ( is the importer of these kits!
>And has been very good about answering my questions.

Do you know who is manufacturing the kits or who designed them?

>They have two more
>models in the queue a 1/4 scale version of the Pfaltz and a 1/4 DH2. No
>availability date on those that I know of.

Droolin' Jon