Re: new D.I

C.P. Hart (
Wed, 18 Oct 1995 16:44:26 +0000

>> The Pegasus Phoenix D-I is the best kit from Pegasus yet. If you want
>> to get it at the lowest possible price order direct from Pegasus and use
>> your credit card. You will get your kit via air mail and pay NO postage.
>> This works out to about $16.00 for the kit total.
> [Drool... Drool... Drool... Drool... Drool... :^}~ ]
>> I ordered this way and had very good service.
> Charles, great idea! D'you have that number handy, by chance? Better
>yet, do they have a fax?
> Thanks again, Erik

I have the information, but not here. Check this space tomorrow,
unless someone beats me to it (which is fine wiht me).

For what its worth, Roland D-II is a nice kit as well at a similar price.