The List, and a thought...

Matt Bittner (
Wed, 25 Oct 1995 15:33:01 -0500

Quick, before the thought dies of loneliness...

I was thinking maybe we should keep some type of database with all
list members and their respective city, state/province and country in
it, so if we ever venture from our humble abodes, we can get in touch
with one another.

If there are no other volunteers, I do so now. Email me your name,
city, state/province, country, and a short blurb about yourself - say
40 characters. I'll create a database, and keep in going. Al, if I
do this, is there a specific database I should use for later web
access? The only ones I have access to now are Paradox and dBase.
I'll put it in dBase, unless I hear otherwise. In which case someone
else needs to do it. ;-)

I too want to thank Al for his hard work with the list/web site. I'm
glad we have a place to go to get help, ask questions, and moan about
S(H)WMBO and their lack of understanding. ;-) Keep up the wonderful
work, Al!


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