Erik Pilawskii (
Wed, 25 Oct 1995 14:13:06 -0700 (PDT)


> So, please give me an idea of what you would be willing to pay for a 96 page
> magazine along the lines of FSM's WWII special. There are a couple of
> options here (and feel free to make up your own combinations):
> 1. Glossy paper, with color pics (ala FSM)
> 2. Glossy paper with B&W pics and a color pic section (like a Windsock with
> several pages of color in the center/cover)
> 3. Glossy paper with B&W pics (like Over the Front)
> 4. Regular paper with B&W pics (like C&CI)
> 5. regular paper with B&W pics (like WWI Aero or newletter/zine)
> I would say I would be willing to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of
> $10.95 for an annual something like #1 (assuming it was a quality piece of
> work).

More great brain work!.... Well, I'd agree on about $10-12 for a "#1".
In fact, I'd say that I would aim for a full-color only, anyway. I mean,
a one-time mag, on a specific subject....hmmmm.....seems like that would
be the best way to go. In my own view, I don't know if a B&W picture of a
WWI model would be of tremendous value to me. The critical issues, I think,
certainly would center around such things as correct color schemes and
interpretations, lozenge colors, treatment of wood areas and strutting,
weathering, etc.; all really requiring a color photo, methinks. Of course,
one would want such things as proper (and correct) line drawings, diagrams,
and the like, which can be b&w.
Anyway, my 37 Lire on the subject.....
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