Jess Stuart (
Wed, 25 Oct 1995 15:09:43 -0700 (PDT)

> So, please give me an idea of what you would be willing to pay for a 96 page
> magazine along the lines of FSM's WWII special. There are a couple of
> options here (and feel free to make up your own combinations):
> 1. Glossy paper, with color pics (ala FSM)
> 2. Glossy paper with B&W pics and a color pic section (like a Windsock with
> several pages of color in the center/cover)
> 3. Glossy paper with B&W pics (like Over the Front)
> 4. Regular paper with B&W pics (like C&CI)
> 5. regular paper with B&W pics (like WWI Aero or newletter/zine)
> I would say I would be willing to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of
> $10.95 for an annual something like #1 (assuming it was a quality piece of
> work).

~$10 sounds about righ tfor me 8^)
On the subject of Subjects [;^), I would LOVE to see a rigging
project WITH PICTURES OF WORK IN PROGRESS. For some reason someone saying
just "I use chicken wire and it works great!" doesn't help me as much as
seeing it done. I think an article on how to research a type of plane or
a particular plane would be good too.

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