RE: trips and pics; Ike
26 Oct 95 11:43:00 EDT

Hi Greg,

You said (absolutely truthfully, I'm sure:

I have slides of that cockpit taken in 1989. The Eisenhour was with me
and distracted the security guards by writhing on the ground and
foaming at the mouth after I forced him at gunpoint to eat a cake of
shaving soap. (OK I'm just kidding!) ;^). It was a slow day, 116
degrees and we were the only patrons so I simply ducked under the rope
and, holding my trusty F1 with a 28 mm lens over my head, took some
shots down into the cockpit

Personally I find the foaming at the mouth explanation most satisfying
and will choose to believe that version ;-) The only far fetched bit
being the need for soap !

My mate and yours, Franz, is back on line and gave me a brief and
entertaining email to read this morning.

Now that he's no longer the observer, having returned to the controls, is
he Emil again?