Interesting Fok DVII Color Scheme

Jess Stuart (
Wed, 25 Oct 1995 18:30:15 -0700 (PDT)

I noticed an interesting picture in Windsock Datafile 9.
On page 5 the bottom picture shows the only ply-covered fuselage
Fokker DVII built (w/n 2268). The wings and horizontal tail seem to be
covered in a small hex pattern lozenge pattern. I can't tell the colors
from the BW picture, but the haxagons are small and regular (ie even sided
and even angled) much like Naval lozenge. Only the upper wing surface is
visible. The fuselage looks like its only laquered (sp?). The work numbers
are not visible.
There is only one deviation from a normal Fokker (besides the ply
fuselage) that I see. The very front strut emerges from the fuselage at
a higher position than the fabric covered Fokkers.
Some supposition is needed to build a model of this plane. Since it
was built by a Fokker susidiary, the struts were probably Fokker Dark Green.
Unless there was another lozenge with small regular hexagons, it probably
had the naval small hex lozenge. Obviously the lower wing surfaces are open
to conjecture as well.
I think this plane would make an interesting model! Does anyone
know of any other pictures of this plane?

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