Re: trips and pics

C.P. Hart (
Wed, 25 Oct 1995 23:09:37 +0000

Greg Springer wrote:
>I have slides of that (Berg D-I) cockpit taken in 1989. The Eisenhour was
>with me
>and distracted the security guards by writhing on the ground and
>foaming at the mouth after I forced him at gunpoint to eat a cake of
>shaving soap. (OK I'm just kidding!) ;^). It was a slow day, 116
>degrees and we were the only patrons so I simply ducked under the rope
>and, holding my trusty F1 with a 28 mm lens over my head, took some
>shots down into the cockpit. If you like, I could snail-mail some
>slides which you could make prints from. Beware the control column.
>It seems to be made from larger diameter tubing than the original.
>The guns appear to be infantry model Schwarzlose 07/12s. They have the
>wooden firing grips still in place and water jackets. The extreme
>rarity of these guns probably means that aircraft versions no longer
>exist outside of Austrian museums.

I have seen one aircraft model Schwarzlose in a private collection
here in the U.S. They do exist here. I was amazed at how small a weapon
it was, even in comparison with the likes of a Lewis gun.