Re: Australian War Memorial Museum (Canberra)

C.P. Hart (
Wed, 25 Oct 1995 23:22:22 +0000


You wrote:
>At the risk of sounding picky, I think that the opening paragraph to
>Allan's new
>picture page for this museum is incorrect. The two engines depicted in the
>photograph are quoted as being Mercedes but I believe this to be wrong.
I wrote the text that Allan has included with the photos I made at the
AWM and accept responsibility of the errors. I appreciate your comments.
My remarks regarding the engines in question were made from my faulty
memory, compounded by my lack of expertise on differentiating Mercedes from
Benz engines. I clearly remember though that these engines were greater
than 200 H.P. powerplants. If you could direct me to a source of
information on Benz engines I would be happy to correct these mistakes.


>BTW, I understand from a conversation I had with one of the "guards", the
>Museum has about 37 aircraft in the collection but most are in storage. Many
>of them will eventually move the the new National Aerospace Museum to be
>constructed at Point Cook Airforce base in Victoria. This is reputed to be one
>of (if not the) oldest military flying schools in the world. I believe it was
>formed before WW1 started. It is no longer operational but is kept in
>condition and visitors are welcome. For biplane buffs, they have two very nice,
>almost completely restored examples of a Farman Shorthorn and a Hawker Demon.
As of August 1995, there are still several aircraft in storage that
belong to the AWM. These are periodically made available for viewing at
their stored location.

>On display at the War Memorial Museum (Canberra) they have the WW1 aircraft we
>already know of plus:
>Curtiss P40
>Avro Lancaster
>The aircraft in storage include:
>Me 262 twin jet fighter
The fuselage of the Me-262 is on display beneath the wing of the
Lancaster. It wears its original paint scheme, albeit very scuffed and
battered. I have pictures of this as well.

The Spitfire is also in its original paint from the 1940's.

>and I have a vague recollection of having seen a V1 missile back in 1965 but
>I may well be wrong.

The V-1 is not on display, I'm not sure if one still belongs to the AWM.

Thanks again for your comments.