Wallace, Jim (jwallace@DCA.COM)
Thu, 26 Oct 95 07:19:58 EST

>So, please give me an idea of what you would be willing to pay for a
>96 page
>magazine along the lines of FSM's WWII special. There are a couple
of options here (and feel free to make up your own combinations):

> 1. Glossy paper, with color pics (ala FSM)
> 2. Glossy paper with B&W pics and a color pic section

I would go the $10-15 for all color. I do think some color is
necessary, especially for the built-up kits. Of course line drawings,
and most reference photos will be ok b&w.

>I also like the idea of doing the project on the web, but that has a
>couple of ramifications. First, authors wouldn't be able to be
>compensated for their work

Why not get a web page sponsor(s)? You see it all the time. We could
try and get any of the model makers, magazines, or WWI organizations to
advertise. If you did the magazine, then you could also do a mini-version of it
on the web, since you need the advertisers for the mag. Just a thought.

Jim Wallace