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>Does anyone teach me What are means, "Egads", "Outgunned", "IMNSHO"?


It is nice to have a modeler of non-European decent on the list -- it will
make us be more responsible with our language ;)

Okay, starting out with the easy one first, IMNSHO is an acronym for:

"In my not so humble opinion."
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ = IMNSHO
Basically, the author was saying "I know what I am talking about".

Outgunned is a little harder, basically, if I have two spandau machine guns
on my plane, and you only have one Lewis gun on your plane, you are
"outgunned" by me. In the context of the message, the author was refering
to the fact that 1/48th scale bullets are bigger than 1/72nd scale bullets.

In this case, the reference to outgunned, was an attempt at humor -- the
WWI list often has debates over which standard scale is better -- 1/72 or
1/48 (personally, I like 1/300 best :)

Egads is an expresion. Usually, it can be described as a a cross between
excitement and alarm (if I caught you by surprise, you might exclaim
"Egads!"). That said, it is not a commonly used word in the English
language (maybe in the 19th Century, but not now).

I hope that helps "clear" things up.

Now, please tell us about the WWI modeling hobby in Japan!!! I also
remember a discussion on the list about WWI Japanese aircraft. Can you
enlighten us on that subject? I seem to recall that the Japanes Navy and
Army used several Farman's during the seige of Tsingtao (the German's had a
lone Taube -- which I hope to model someday :) What about Japanese aircraft
markings during the great war?



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