Re^2: Eduard Sopwith Pup:over scale?

Hirohisa Ozaki (
Tue, 17 Oct 95 10:08:56 JST

Thanks to all, welcome and helpful suggestions.

>>Is this kit incorrect, or is the plans?
Mark>I'll agree, but only by 1mm or so. I'd call that insignificant!

Yes, yes, I think so too.
I do not mind whatever scale of the kit, so, 1/43th, 1/46th, 1/50th, etc.
I want to know *only* which is right, kit or plans.

Brian> I noted in the mini review the Pup is larger all round than the
Brian> Datafile plans, and asked if anyone thought the plans were undersize.
Brian> No one questioned the plans so I guess the kit IS too large. It is in
Brian> proportion though!

Matt>I would *normally* trust the plans before the kit. Stair and Rimell
Matt>are very accurate, IMNSHO.

All right, I shall believe the plans.

BTW, My English skill is very cheap.
Matt>> Egads, another 1/48th builder? Hey Steve, looks like we're being
Matt>> outnumbered...

Jess> AND Outgunned! ( Have you ever compared a 1/72 bullet to a 1/48 8^0 )

Does anyone teach me What are means, "Egads", "Outgunned", "IMNSHO"?


Hirohisa Ozaki