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Mon, 16 Oct 1995 10:32:51 -0500

On 16 Oct 95 at 11:14, Brian Nicklas typed diligently:

> Confession time.

They say confession is good for the sole. Or is that soul? ;-)

> I build 1/72, with forays into other scales, and I like building
> MODERN stuff. And I do not microbrew, and to add further, I do not
> drink at all. (Other than a sip every five years to remember why..)
> My close co-workers do microbrew, so I appreciate the art.
> My forays into other scales or models consist of (primarily)
> 1/48 Bf 109s, 1/35 German tanks and occasional Porsche, BMW
> Ford GT-40 or Mustang in cars. Modern air is mainly directed
> at experimentals and prototypes. I even enjoy space models
> (which HAVE NO WINGS AT ALL!!).

Modern stuff I can understand. Heck, 1/35th tanks and an
*occasional* automotive-type is even excusable. But Bf 109's? For
your penance, you will correct the *ESCI* Albatros D.III. :-)

At least my current "other" kit has two wings: Curtiss F9C
Sparrowhawk. Be aware, though, that building a German Mistel does
*not* count towards your two-wing minimum requirement. Lets face it,
towards the end of WW2, the Germans got _lazy_. (Tongue firmly
implanted in cheek.)


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