Re: Revell WWI Kits

Bill Shatzer (
Mon, 2 Oct 1995 13:40:15 -0700

>On 2 Oct 95 at 11:27, Erik Pilawskii typed diligently:
>Here are those that I know of. I believe the list is complete,
>however please correct me if I'm wrong:
>Albatros D.III
>Nieuport 17.C.1
>DeHavilland DH.2
>Fokker Eindecker E.III
>Fokker Dr.I
>Sopwith Triplane
>Nieuport 28.C.1
>Sopwith Camel
>Fokker D.VII
>Spad 13

Ya missed the DH-2. The Revell kits were released in four groups of
three kits, each group being a carefully balanced selection of two
Western Allies kits, one German.


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