rochtofens (sp) dr1
Tue, 3 Oct 1995 23:51:30 -0500

Hi folks, just discovered this newsgroup and think that although my interests
(RC) may be somewhat different than the main thrust of this group, you could
be a valuable source of info for me. Hope my questions don't seem so dumb
that my server crashes from the flames, but here goes.

I am currently building a Dr1 and have questions regarding coloring. YES I
RED. Although one source of info tries to dispute this.

What color were the wheels. Not the rubber part but the disks.

I have never seen a spandau machine gun, so was the stock section made of
wood? blued gunmetal? or what. any coloring info on the guns to make them
realistic would be appreciated. Figured the middle of the guns was black and
the end blued, but correct me if I was wrong.

Control horns, were they red to match the rest of the plane, wood colored,
steel, etc.

What was the prop coloring like. Figure wood, but what kind of wood.

Thanks for any help in advance.