RE: rochtofens (sp) dr1
04 Oct 95 15:13:00 EDT


Sorry I have not put a name - but I never received one

>Hi folks, just discovered this newsgroup and think that although my
>(RC) may be somewhat different than the main thrust of this group, you
>be a valuable source of info for me. Hope my questions don't seem so
>that my server crashes from the flames, but here goes.

On the contrary - the list has a LOT of RC people who are regular
contributors, and I bet most of them mail you.

And you'll NEVER get flamed around this list for not knowing, since the
main thing we all know about WW1 aircraft is that no-one knows
everything, and theres a lot we know NOTHING about.

I can't help on Von Richtoffens Dr.1 Fok.425/17, mostly because the
finish is still controversial. Your best bet is to find a source you
believe, and stick to it. I guarantee that no-one will ever conclusively
prove every detail anyway.

For what its worth, I believe the wheel covers were red. Spandaus have no
stock, finishing at the rear of the main gun body. The guns look black in
photos, I paint them black and highlight with a dark metallic finish.

Sorry thats all I can give you to help without going home and getting
books. I bet the rest of the list have bombarded you long before tomorrow
(Thursday) Morning Australian eastern time.

Good luck, and welcome

Shane Weier
Brisbane, Australia