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Wed, 4 Oct 1995 07:19:10 -0500

On 3 Oct 95 at 20:16, C.P. Hart typed diligently:

> This enterprise is run out of the home of a very dedicated Bob Norgren
> who does quite a good job with these female mold vac-form kits. Some
> include plastic injection molded props and other detail parts.

I would expand on the "good job", and add a wonderful job! These are
beautiful vacs, and well worth the price. If you're not afraid of
vacs, and have "limited" funds, I would recommend these even over
<gasp> Pegasus. The only thing I wish is that he would go back to
providing white metal with his kits, instead of the injected stuff.
Comparing the white metal in the DFW C.V to the injected in the
Phoenix C.I I would prefer the white metal. However, don't let this
stop you from getting these kits. Most of the injected you can work

> Unfortunately none of these kits include decals. Bob also handles a few of
> the Blue Rider decal line, but I won't list those here, inventory is fluid.

Not a real problem with decals. Just get Blue

> #72-08 Phoenix C-I $12.50

Again, a beautiful kit.

> NEW !! #72-24 Hansa Brandenburg C-I $12.50
> #72-32 Hansa Brandenburg W-18 $12.50


> #72-03 DFW C-V $12.50

A wonderful kit!

> #72-07 Albatros C-VII $12.50


> Future releases
> Friedrichshafen FF-49C Seaplane
> Friedrichshafen FF-33L Seaplane

I think the FF-33L is already out. I'll have to check with Rosemont.

> 1/48 Scale Vac Forms

Deleted, due to space <har har har har har>...


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