Re: rochtofens (sp) dr1

Douglas R. Jones (
Wed, 04 Oct 1995 09:51:09 -0500

>Hi folks, just discovered this newsgroup and think that although my interests
>(RC) may be somewhat different than the main thrust of this group, you could
>be a valuable source of info for me. Hope my questions don't seem so dumb
>that my server crashes from the flames, but here goes.

Welcome aboard! Lotsa WWI RC folks here! We who fly scale (or at attempt too
;-)) are interested in the static aspects of our aircraft! Folks here are
VERY knowledgable and helpful! See the archives for my pleas for info on
Nungessors N-17!

>I am currently building a Dr1 and have questions regarding coloring. YES I
>RED. Although one source of info tries to dispute this.

I hope to start a Dr1 that's under the bed this winter. Assuming of course I
get the N-17 finished :-0 I am sure someone here will have the info you
require! I'll check my pile of Dr1 data tonight and see if there is anything
in my stack.

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