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Wed, 4 Oct 1995 11:49:06 -0400

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>Hi folks, just discovered this newsgroup and think that although my
>(RC) may be somewhat different than the main thrust of this group, you could

>be a valuable source of info for me. Hope my questions don't seem so dumb
>that my server crashes from the flames, but here goes.
Hello, I'm an RC enthusiast also. I currently fly an old Midwest Das Bipe
Stick that I built from plans. It's great. I'm also drawing up plans for a
Fok DVIII in 1/5 scale.
Which DRI are you building? I got a VK kit from Proctor that's been sitting
around for a year. Maybe I'll finish it after the DVIII. The problem is I'm
having too much fun with the Bipe Stick to devote any time to building.