Re: Surviving WW I Pilots ?

Thu, 05 Oct 1995 01:18:36 EDT

On Friday, Sept. 29, 1995 Mark Rook wrote:

>Are there still any aviators from "the" war who haven't yet flown
>to the Great Aerodrome In the Sky?

I recall an obituary, in a Windsock or C&C that I have, that was for
the last American WWI pilot to die. I can't recall the details,
sorry, but I will flip thru them to find it. A famous Canadian
aviator recently died, 'Punch' Dickins. He was well into his 90's.
He was primarily famous as a bush pilot in the Canadian Arctic (first
pilot to fly across the Barrens, etc., etc.) but he was also in 211
Sqn flying DH9's. I don't, but should as a Canuck, know if there are
any other surviving Canadian WWI airmen.

BTW, my grandmothers 2nd husband is alive and fairly well (ie, on no
pills what so ever) at age 98. He was in the Royal Lancashire
Regiment ( or something like that), was wounded, recovered and back
to the trenches to get gassed with chlorine. He is not the least bit
senile and can recall his time in the trenches fairly well.

Doug Faulder