Re: Surviving WW I Pilots ?

Joseph R. Boeke (
Thu, 05 Oct 1995 08:59:55 -0400

At 01:18 AM 10/5/95 EDT, Dr. Douglas G. Faulder wrote:

> I recall an obituary, in a Windsock or C&C that I have, that was for
> the last American WWI pilot to die.

Hmmm, I don't recall this obit (but I probably wasn't paying too much
attention). I do know that Barry from Rosemont Hobbies is working on an
oral history project with a WWI pilot. The last I heard he had over 100
hours of audio tape, and wasn't finished.

Again, if my memory isn't failing me, Barry mentioned that the gentleman in
question never made it overeas, so he probably never saw any combat (unless
he was a naval aviator on a ASW patrol), and he certainly didn't have any
victories. I believe that he (Barry) said he was going to write up the
pertinet info for Over the Front.

Maybe the obit was about the last overseas pilot to pass away? Maybe Matt
B. has more details?

- Joe

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