Revell AG, Ertl/Esci (fwd)

Allan Wright (
Thu, 5 Oct 1995 08:54:20 -0400 (EDT)

Hello modelers,

Here is a note I received from Eric Thiesen - he asked me to pass it
along to the list if I though you people would be interested....I do.


> Good morning, Allan. I looked at my Revell 1/72 scale model kits again and
> discovered several possible alternate addresses:
> Revell AG
> Henschelstrasse 20-30
> D-4980 Bunde 1
> Germany
> Also an address in England:
> Company Secretary
> Revell (GB) Ltd.
> Foster House
> Maxwell Road
> Borehamwood
> Herts. WD 6 1JB
> England
> I have no idea what this last one is all about, but I have copied it exactly
> as the address appears on the little postcard included with one of my Revell
> kits. The cards mention a contest that ends in 1994, so these may be more
> recent addresses than the one I sent previously, which was from the bottom of
> an instruction sheet for one of the WWI 1/72 scale planes.
> ERTL/ESCI news (maybe): A few days ago I fished an Ertl Spad XIII (kit number
> 9018) out of the bargain bin at a local hobby shop. I carefully slit open the
> shrinkwrap, then learned later that evening from your homepage that the kit
> may be worth something (sigh). Anyway, tonite I bought an Academy/Minicraft
> Spad XIII, and the two kits look very similar. Both the Ertl and the Academy
> kits have partially filled in cockpits that have a step-shaped cross section.
> Also, both kits use the same part numbers, although the arrangement of parts
> on the spures differs. Both kits have same wingspan and fuselage length,
> i.e., shorter than Revell model of same plane. Are the Ertl and Academy kits
> actually 1/76 scale? Has Academy/Minicraft obtained the rights to produce the
> kits once offered by Ertl/Esci?
> If you get a chance, compare Ertl/Esci kit #9018 and Academy Minicraft kit
> #1623. The similarities are striking.
> BOOKS, reference. I haven't done much modeling, but I have done some reading
> and have acquired a list of books that may be useful to others. Some books
> such as The Canvas Falcons, The Red Baron, Fighting the Flying Circus, are
> more for reading. Others such as Color Profiles of World War I Combat Planes
> have very nice illustrations. The list is rather long, includes ISBN and
> Library of Congress call numbers where available. I would probably include
> some personal commentary/review/synopsis as well. Shall I post the list to
> Or do you want to see it first?
> Ethics: I would like to mention my source for some books (Barnes & Noble) but
> wonder if it is proper to include their telephone and fax numbers, address,
> etc. I don't work there, just wanted to let people know, in case they don't
> know already, where some of this stuff can be obtained (at least in USA).
> Whew! Too verbose am I. Sorry. Maybe pare this down and pass it on? Okay
> by me if you find anything worthwhile amongst my jabbering. Take care, don't
> work too hard. Later....