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> Now it's my turn. I'm making my first two WWI planes (both 1/72):
> Collishaw's Triplane (N5492) (Revell) and Nungesser's Nieuport 17 (with
> the top wing stripes--I'd say N.1895, but that covers them all) (Revell
> with Roseparts resin fuselage). My questions concern the latter.

On reflection, wasn't the N.1895 you mention (with the Red & Blue id
stripes) a Nie.23? I seem to remember something about the this in an old
Over the Front. A photo or painting of Nungesser's Nie.23 with the stripes.

I am not very good with the French fighters (I actually prefer purely naval
topics), but I believe the Nie.23 was an "up-engined" and "up-gunned"
Nie.17. Perhaps with a 120hp Le Rhone, and two machine guns. I know
someone on the list will have better information than I.



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