Re: Nungesser's Nie.17

Matt Bittner (
Thu, 5 Oct 1995 09:41:07 -0500

On 5 Oct 95 at 9:43, Joseph R. Boeke typed diligently:

> I am not very good with the French fighters (I actually prefer purely naval
> topics), but I believe the Nie.23 was an "up-engined" and "up-gunned"
> Nie.17. Perhaps with a 120hp Le Rhone, and two machine guns. I know
> someone on the list will have better information than I.

Actually, *some* Nie 23's were up-engined. However, the one
_definite_ distinquishing factor was that the Lewis was canted to
starboard, instead of being down the center line. I'll have to bring
in my references both for the 23 and Nungessor. I'll post more
tomorrow - unless someone else comes up with the answers.


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